Fire & Command Centre, Bootle

Enabling works, substructure & external works

Client: Kier Northern
Completed: ongoing
Value: £550,650
Duration: TBC

Construction of new car park complete with ‘Hicap’ drainage solution outfalling into several key soakaways on the project. Initial duration onsite was just 6weeks.

With car park completed the formed parking bays were handed over for occupation and the former car park could now be removed and bulk earthworks completed including the disposal of surplus excavated spoil and topsoil. Building footprint was raised to levels us
ing recycled MOT subbase and this was then tested using TestConsult to determine the SWL / CBR value for the piling mat.

Precast concrete square piles where broken down using proprietary breaker attached to mini excavator. This method minimised our exposoure to HAV than traditional hand breaking techniques.