LJLA ILS Cat3 Upgrade

Civils works - foundations & ducting

Client: LJLA - Peel Airports
Completed: Nov 2009
Value: £129696
Duration: 16 weeks

Runway 27 – Instrument Landing System Cat III Upgrade
Works were carried out during daytime and nighttime possessions due to location of works under the operational flight paths.

This was the ONLY project that required Hawkspear to have RT-ATC contact. This communication skill was further enhanced with daily dialogue with both Airport Duty Manager / Air Traffic Watch Supervisors / Air Traffic Engineers throughout the works.

The scope of works required new concrete bases – which we opted to be precast concrete blocks (made onsite) which could then be lifted into position quickly followed by a structural steelwork framework being placed to accurate line & level from which the Specialist Nav Aids could then be installed by Thales.

Also required were several new raft foundations for frangible GRP equipment cabins and antennas. Ducting to the new equipment would also be installed under strict ‘permit to dig’ systems due to the ongoing live environment and existing cables with drawpit chambers being constructed for access. We also had to incorporate safe electrical earthing to all areas of new construction to comply with aviation requirements.

Upon completion and commissioning of the new system, the former cabins had to be removed which involved minor demolition and grubbing out of foundations & ducts to make all areas safe and remove onstructions.

Additional sections of work also completed included creation of new airside perimeter road diversion for the 09 undershoot using recycled runway planings. The provision of new upgraded power cables & ducting between 09B substation and 27localiser . Refurbishment works to existing 27Glidepath aerial which involved repainting to comply with CAP168 requirements.